Squarespace is unbeatably the best Website builder software. It offers the best functionality and the random amount of customisation as required by the users. It also keeps the audience in mind while having a template display e.g. a clearer template for older age and a complex template for a middle age group. It also has a template demo feature after customisation, which helps us choose the best one after some changes. All templates fall under a family under which the underlying structure and function remains the same, and the degree of customisation within the family will remain the same

Best Squarespace Templates for Photographers, Arts, and Designs

1>    Montauk: If you believe that Picture speaks more than words, Then this template is just for you. This template lets you create a portfolio online. This is best for people showcasing their art and design online. This template also allows you to sell the art pieces online and has many customisable options. If you wish you can create multiple pages for each artist for showcasing. It has minimal design

2>    Wells: This is for a photographer`s choice, It has a navigational panel and nothing else on top. It is a clean setup for galleries .you can create a blog. It allows easy customisation and the best way to showcase your portfolio (best squarespace templates)

3>    Lange: storytellers through pictures, It can occupy full screen, It can customise in modern and easy to view style. Pictures occupy the whole width of the website without getting cropped. This template lets you add blocks on top of images

Best Squarespace Templates for Blogs, 

1>    Tudor/Skye/Foundry

All belong to the same family; all underlying structure remains the same. Blogs with heavy text foundry are best. If the blog is text-based, then Skype is best. So if image oriented, then Skype is best. Tudor is best for the perfect balance between text and images. Also, Tudor is more refined and elegant


2>    Native: In this template, both picture and article have the same importance. The homepage is a vertically scrolling page where articles are shown as images with contents as a summary. This template helps create modern minimalistic pages which readers enjoy

3>Squarespace rally template: This is not for a personal blogger, shows lots of content on each page. you will need to contribute to publishing content on a daily basis. it features parallax scrolling and inbuilt search feature. This template is best for a team of people who want to create a fully fledged website where new content is published every day


Best Squarespace Templates for Online Stores

If you want a small to medium scale store, with a limited number of products in the listing, then Squarespace is the best place for you

1>Galapagos: This is the most popular template for online stores. It stores all products in tiles, we to different size can customise the size of the tiles format. We can create separate pages for displaying different categories of products. To view, the price hover the mouse over the products

2>Hyde: This template allows you to tell the story of your store and showcase your product as above

3>Bonus: West: This template uses parallax scrolling. The home page supports 3-dimensional scrolling with on hover effect which put your product front and centre .it is best for young people as they won’t get lost while navigating


Best Squarespace Templates for Small Businesses

There are categories for Creative Services, Food & Drinks, Health & Fitness, and so on. Hence, what template you are going to choose will depend on the business you own.

1>    Bedford (Generic Small Business & Non-Profit Organisations)

A business website needs a lot of different pages as there’s a lot of information to display. For example, a business website needs a homepage, an about page, a services page, and a products page among others. Also, a business website should make it easier for its visitors to navigate between the different pages for which traditional top navigation is necessary. Bedford has all these capabilities. Other features include special customisable banners and buttons, sidebar navigation, and a scrolling Index Page among others. Bryant template is for real estate business. Hayden, which also belongs to the same family, showcases a beautiful website for an interior decoration business



2>    Pacific(Food &Drinks)

Whether you own a food truck, a small stall, or a neighbourhood burger joint, this template will make your website look as beautiful as your food itself. It is a one-page website with parallax scrolling with support for full-width images. You can display the images of your best cuisines along with your menu in a modern and elegant way.

Best Squarespace Templates for Freelancers (Individual Service Providers)


Has rich homepage which you can use to explain the services you provide. You can add testimonials from your previous customers to show your experience and can also include an opt-in block (contact) right on the home page. The template offers a sidebar navigation structure hidden discretely behind a hamburger menu. Here you can keep navigation to your other pages including pricing, contact us, about us etc. If you are a freelancer, this template will surely help you in improving your business.

2> Hatch, Nueva, and Sofia

Although I consider Ready to be the best template for freelancers, Hatch is a very close second. Hatch offers a bit of parallax scrolling along with the ability to use big bold fonts and a header image which is one of the largest I have seen on any template. You can also add text blocks on top of the image if you want to. Rest of the features include adding testimonials and contact us (sign up) on the homepage itself. All in all, you can choose between either of the two templates. The decision will purely depend on your personal taste.


Best Squarespace Templates for Weddings

  1. Sonny

This category people will want to choose the website depending upon their personal taste. However, for someone who wants to tell their story, Sonny will be the best choice. It allows you to full frame images along with text overlays. Add the template also supports parallax scrolling feature along with the ability to add a gallery to your homepage. To me, this one looks the most beautiful and is for those who want to add a lot of pictures and details to their wedding/engagement website. Naomi and Anya are also similar Squarespace templates with a little difference in the way they display the content.

Little Advice

While choosing a template to keep in mind the following points, The content that the template will display, the branding, the target audience, and amount of customisation and features one will need also keep in mind the family of the template from which it belongs from


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