To innovate new designs and features and differentiate themselves, Smartphone brands are replacing old feature with new ones. Let’s see which such feature  may soon disappear from our Smartphone’s

Fingerprint Scanner may quickly go from Smartphones altogether. Apple in its original production has relied on Face ID security instead of the fingerprint scanner, and Android phones like Vivo and Oppo have come up with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner

All top end smartphones have ignored the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack and adopted the wireless headsets instead

The eSIM will take over the feature of the physical dual sim feature entirely in the coming years

Now with Smartphone Brands providing internal storage as high as 512 GB, there is a possibility that the MicroSD card feature might be disappeared in the future

With increasing Wireless charging gaining popularity, the wired adapters feature have a chance to disappear in the future

The technology is already here where the display can be used as speakers, so in future speakers feature can be seen missing in the Smartphones altogether

Every new Smartphone is coming with multiple lenses in the main camera module so the single lens rear camera feature will disappear in the future


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