In New Delhi, the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority (EPCA) is working on adding a new deterrent in the form of remote sensing technology. The sensor-based system will be able to detect the pollution levels of vehicles entering the capital. The system will indicate which vehicle is polluting more than the normal level, allowing the body to take action against its owners.
Sunita Narain, the member of EPCA and director general at CSE, said that sensor-based technology can help them create additional fear among polluters. “The device can be deployed on the borders of Delhi. Once people are fined, there will be a sense of fear among drivers that action is being taken,” Narain added.
A similar system has been in place in China for nearly a decade now. Experts, however, say that it is difficult to detect a single high-polluting vehicle among a group of vehicles entering at the same time.
EPCA is expected to take a decision on the technology by the end of October. Narain, however, said the use of RFID could help in controlling the flow of vehicles into the capital city


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