Here is all you need to know about the new features of ios12 iPhone and iPad users will be able to experience quicker app launch times and more responsive typing. The camera app will now open 70 percent faster, while the keyboard will react 50 percent faster than before. New Digital Wellbeing features will help users take a break from their virtual existences and stay more connected to the real world, while Shared AR experiences will allow for multiplayer augmented reality gaming. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so without delay, here are the top features of iOS 12 you can check out right after updating your devices.

SIRI  Developments

Siri got meatier with iOS 12. A new feature called ‘Siri Shortcuts’ will allow developers to create Siri-enabled actions for their apps. Users can customize these Shortcuts by creating a simple voice command to kick off the task.



With the iOS 12 update, iPhone X and above users will be able to create Memojis straight from the Messages app and will also be able to add stickers and effects to them before sharing them with friends. Memojis can be used within a regular or group FaceTime call as well. The existing set of Animoji also expands with new ghost, koala, tiger and T. rex animojis. In addition, both Memojis and Animojis now feature tongue and wink detection.


Measure AR app

With the final build of iOS 12, Apple’s dedicated AR-powered Measure app is finally working seamlessly. The Measure app can be downloaded from the App Store and is possibly the most useful feature of iOS 12. The app uses ARKit 2 to accurately measure three-dimensional objects and spaces. Users will be able to identify objects and spaces with their camera and simply tap and drag a measuring scale along the edges of the object or space to get real-time measurements. The measure will also automatically detect certain dimensions such as the size of a picture in a photo frame.

shared Augmented Reality Experiences with ARKit 2

Imagine being in the same Augmented Reality space as your friend or seeing the same AR objects your friends can see, with the ability to interact with them together. With ARKit 2, Apple has made this possible. With ARKit 2 on iOS 12, developers will not only be able to create shared AR gaming experiences but will also be able to make productive applications that enable multiple users to interact with the same augmented environment. As of now, no shared AR apps are available on the App Store, but we believe developers will soon release compatible games and productivity apps.


Screen time

Screen Time is designed to help iOS users understand how much time they spend on apps and websites, how many calls they take, how productive they are and how much they use their devices

USDZ  Support – The New AR File Format

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new Universal Scene Description (USDZ) file format for Augmented Reality applications. USDZ is a new AR file format created by Apple and animation studio Pixar with an aim to ease AR experiences anywhere in iOS, including apps like Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News, and more. USDZ will allow users to share AR objects with each other as well as place them in the real world. Apple calls the latter, ‘Quick Look’, designed to better position AR objects in a user’s surroundings.

Companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab and more will support the new AR file format and Abhay Parasnis, EVP and CTO of Adobe says that native support for native USDZ is coming to Adobe Creative Cloud.


With iOS 12, Photos gets a new ‘For You’ tab which combines Memories and iCloud Shared Albums. Apple also introduced a new sharing suggestions feature which automatically prompts users to share back images from a particular event if the same is shared with them by a friend

Voice Memos on iPad

With iOS 12, Voice Memos comes to iPad. The popular iPhone audio recording app will now be available on the iPad with iCloud storage, so you can access your voice memos from anywhere.



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