Incidents such as the devastating floods in Kerala or the current Hurricane Florence situation in the US continue to affect human and wildlife settlements in greater numbers due to global warming and climate changes. Thanks to AI and connected devices, they have allowed us to quickly predict such disasters and prevent catastrophic damage.

Google has announced that its AI algorithms, maps and other data are being used to predict floods around the world.  Google has announced that it will utilize AI and computational forecasting to predict when a flood is about to hit. This information will be integrated within the Google Public Alerts so that users are notified with a warning on the top of search results. Google could also pass on this information to local authorities so that everyone can be alerted, even if they are offline.

Not only these alerts help authorities help deal with the impact of the disaster but also help reduce the damaging impact on the life and property in a particular region. Google`s AI is capable of predicting the intensity of the flood .so appropriate recourses can be allocated for a particular calamity. In India, Google has partnered with the Central Water Commission to provide details related to floods and issue alerts in order to prevent their occurrence.


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