If you live in a city, you can use boosted electric skateboards in place of other transportation options. An excellent electric skateboard needs to have more than just a few miles of range. It should be fast — not just because that’s fun, but because you need that speed to get around obstacles in a hurry.,. On the flip side, electric skateboards also have to be able to stop quickly and reliably, too. The best once are still relatively expensive, so you should try to get most for your money like durability, customer service, etc.
We use electric skateboard motors that provide 1000watts to 3000watts per motor; usually, there are one or two motor on an electric skateboard. The RC motors are powered by RC batteries as well as controlled by RC speed controller which are the motherboard. The electric skateboard motors are approximately 55mm in length which allows you to fit them on a dual rear setup of the board
In the late 1990’s, Louie Finkle (aka Electric Louie) invented and patented the wireless electric skateboard. From handmade electronics,
Under state law, “motorized skateboards” are not allowed on public highways, roads, and streets under any circumstances. Even if your electric skateboard is permitted by the law, you can’t ride it just about anywhere in public. Electrical boards are only allowed on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less
Boosted is one of the electric skateboard manufacturers and has received lots of positive feedback as follows, people state boosted electric skateboards are fun and efficient, they have reasonable weight, full control, for a fantastic ride experience
Another input states that Boosted electric skateboard is of fantastic quality, super fast and can be compared to no other skateboard
Another feedback says that they love their boosted electric skateboard and can’t find a simple way to move around the city
Another feedback comes from a person who talks about the Boosted electric skateboard acceleration which happens in just 30-40 minutes
Another feedback comes from a teenager from a small town who calls boosted electric skateboard a boon for people like him who reap it`s benefits to the full


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