It is a messenger app like Kik. It’s a kik alternative,(Apps like kik ) its main focus is on security and privacy. The developers claim they do not share or sell user data with third parties. There is no advertisement and is completely free to use. Telegram also provides good level of multimedia support.


It` s a kik messenger alternative that uses phone numbers and internet connections to send text messages, images, voice clips, motion clips etc. Whatsapp is a multiplatform messaging app like kik available on most operating system like Windows, Mac, iphone and Web-App. Whatsapp is also a chat app like Kik and comes with handful of emoticons .For Security reasons Whatsapp now includes Automatic End to end encryption to avoid outsiders trying to read or listen to your messages .Although there are many alternative to Whatsapp, which are more popular in many other countries, still Whatsapp is popular here and is here to stay for its popularity.


It`s a app like kik, a messenger alternative for kik .used to send text messages, make voice calls and video calls between Android devices uses VOIP and lets you do free audio and video chat with other viber users. You can share images, audio, video, stickers, customise the background and much more
The only drawback will be to convince the person to download viber on his android mobile .


Line is an alternative messenger to kik; it became popular within few days of start, just like kik. Many celebrities have their official accounts in line .You can text messages, share videos, do voice chat all free with your buddies. To make call to anyone in the world you will have t pay for it .


It`s a Kik alternative and a toughest competitor with around 150 million active users and still increasing .It`s a lightweight messaging app and lets you make calls or send messages to your loved ones. it is known for its collection of emoticons available in its store App. One can create group and include all friends and have a group chat .one can do video call using face talk feature.


BBM has finally regained a lot of its lost popularity by making the app available on multiple platforms. Now you can use this amazing messaging service on almost any mobile platform out there. BBM provides a unique PIN so we don’t use phone numbers. BBM is really secure and you can safely send your files, photos, audio, notes, and documents to your BBM contacts with the peace of mind. Its a kik alternative.

WE Chat

We chat is developed by Blackberry, and is an alternative to kik .you can make many friends using this chat application. All you have to do is shake your phone twice and you can chat to see if you are compatible as friends. you can share pictures ,images, files and all are free for a lifetime ,It’s a kik alternative.


It is an alternative to kik.You can make friends by swiping them following their profile cards; you can meet people from around the world and chat with high quality video calls. This also brings e-commerce alternatives making it an absolute alternative for kik.


Snapchat is not your regular messaging app instead it offers something even more exciting than any other messaging app out there in the market. You snap a photo, or capture a video and add some text to it then you send it to you friend, who can view your snap for a few seconds and then the snap automatically disappears. Your friend can take a screenshot of your image but you will be notified and you can always ask them to get rid of it if you feel like it. Snapchat adds a whole new meaning to chatting because you get to chat with your friends via images and videos. If you are both online at the same time then you can also have a video chat face-to-face to make things even more interesting. The only drawback of Snapchat is its availability is very limited, people from countries other than the US have just started using it, but it is catching up very fast.


The only reason Google’s own Hangouts app is down below in the list is because of its limited availability. If it were available on all the platforms then it would be the top apps in terms of messaging and connecting with your loved ones. Hangouts provide a fast and quick way of getting in touch with your buddies or anyone for that matter. You can share photos, send emojis, stickers, and make voice calls without a hassle. You can also start a hangout which means a video call with multiple people to have some real fun. Hangouts also let you call other numbers directly from your phone. A hangout is a complete messaging app and it’s definitely packed with a lot of features to keep you hooked if it’s available on your platform.


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