Opening the box is the usual Apple affair with easy to slide-out lids, a pull tab for the phone, and some in-box accessories under it. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The iPhone XS (because you paid for it)
  • Lots and lots of manuals and certification cards that you won’t ever read.
  • Apple stickers (whatever you do, please don’t stick these on your car? Please?)
  • SIM ejector tool
  • Lightning EarPods (because of the courage Apple showed two years back)
  • USB Type-A to Lightning cable
  • Charger (not a fast charger, so it takes forever to charge your new iPhone)
  • No headphone dongle (because apparently, it’s impossible to include a $9 accessory with a $999 iPhone)


I’m spending $999 on a Smartphone that has no headphone jack, it’s almost the moral responsibility of the courageous company to put in a headphone dongle inside it, especially when the company is using a proprietary port on its phone instead of USB-C. The other thing I am worried about is the lack of a fast charger in the box.


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